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COA Entrance Conference 2021

The Commission on Audit conducted entrance conference with the Provincial Government of Camarines Sur on January 21, 2021 at the Clubhouse, Camsur Watersports Complex. The conference is part of the preliminary activities that the Commission undertakes at the start of their annual audit engagements as a matter of professional courtesy.

As part of the Honorable Governor’s effort to show support and build rapport with the audit team throughout the entire audit season, he sent all his department heads/key personnel to sit with and welcome auditors to assure them of the management’s commitment to cooperate.

The audit team composed of 5 members and led by Ms. Maria Sharon B. Reyes discussed, among others, the auditors’ and auditee’s responsibility, requested documents, timeline, and the audit areas that will be the foci of the audit.

An exit conference will also be conducted wherein audit observations will be discussed between auditors and the management. The Commission on Audit is set to issue Audit Reports at the end of their work.

  • By: Franz Louise Fajardo
  • Published Date : 03 February 2021
  • Source : CamSur PIAO