2018 PIAO Team Building Activity: “Surrender the ME for WE”


Driven by the purpose of promoting effective and harmonious workplace environment, the Provincial Internal Audit Office of Camarines Sur (PIAO) held its 3rd Annual Team Building Activity on June 8-9, 2018 at Vitton Beach Resort, Donsol, Sorsogon. Said activity, consistent with the previous ones, aimed to fortify the bonds between members of the office. Building rapport between office divisions and sections, reinforcing cooperation, and discovering one’s potentials are among the objectives for the conduct of the TBA.

This year’s theme, “Surrender the ME for WE”, highlighted the willingness of all to participate and be part of one goal. It showed that the bond among each other is solid and incontestable. The theme further accentuated that it is PIAO’s unique family-like bond that sets it apart from any other office.

This year’s TBA, as with the previous ones, was very successful, primarily due to the members’ efforts and active participation during the event. Their cheers were chanted, banners were exhibited, games were played, songs were sung, music were danced, drinks were drank, stories were told, smiles were worn, laughter was boundless and the fun was never-ending.

Special recognition to the facilitators led by Mr. Arvin Bagaporo who organized the overall flow of the activities and hosted games that promoted cooperation, coordination, collaboration, effective communication and direction. Without them, the TBA won’t be able to materialize.

Ahead of the activity, staffs were already divided into four teams, namely Blue, Red, Green and Yellow. Among the four, Yellow Team stood out. Bagging three of the major awards: Best Cheer, Best Banner, and Best Performer (Jeric Tejares), Yellow was awarded with and declared as the Overall Champion, followed by Green Team as the 1st runner-up. On the other side, Blue and Red teams were not disheartened. Instead, on the positive aspect, valued their own moments telling, “It’s not about winning. It’s about the fun and experience”.

Atty. Francis Magistrado, Head of PIAO, closed the TBA with a brief but meaningful message, stressing out on the significance of unity and teamwork in the workplace, and its effect on the overall performance of the Department.

With this year’s TBA, PIAOans’ solidarity has been emphasized. Proving that with one another, they can accomplish things and fulfill common objectives. As they say, “No man is an island”. Everybody needs everybody. If you isolate, you can’t cultivate. In PIAO, “There is never an I. Always Us. Always We.”

This TBA will ultimately redound to improving the performance of PIAO personnel’s duties and functions to effectively deliver services to the government in general. “We are One, We are PIAO”.


By: Franz Louise Fajardo


2018 PIAO Team Building Activity: “Surrender the ME for WE”

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