Roles/Functions of the CamSur PIAO

The roles/functions of the Internal Audit are as follows:

  • Advise the Governor, on all matters relating to management control and operations audits.
  • Conduct management and operations audits of the LGU functions, programs, projects, activities with outputs, and determine the degree of compliance with their mandate, policies, government regulations, established objectives, systems and procedures/processes and contractual obligations.
  • Review and appraise systems and procedures, organizational structures, asset management practices, financial and management records, reports and performance standards of the LGU.
  • Analyze and evaluate management and operational deficiencies and assist top management by recommending realistic courses of action.
  • Monitor and evaluate the proper implementation of the local tax ordinance.
  • Verification and analysis of financial and operations data for the purpose of recommending policies relating to fiscal management.
  • Assist the Governor in ensuring that appropriate actions are taken on the deficiencies noted by COA as contained in audit Observation Memoranda.
  • Perform such other related duties and responsibilities as may be assigned or delegated by the Governor or as may be required by law.