A Response Call for Property Custodianship

Last 5 September 2017, the Orientation for Office Property Custodian (OPC) took place at the Villa del Rey Function Hall to confer the Guidelines for Property Movements/Transfer, Repair, Replacement, Return, In Case of Loss/Damages and Conduct of Physical Inventory Count. The event was attended by 71 participants composed of designated OPC’s and their respective alternates from different departments and offices of the provincial government, property section of the Provincial General Services Office (PGSO) and internal auditors of Provincial Internal Audit Office (PIAO).

Said orientation was conducted to discuss and exemplify the step-by-step procedures laid out on the Approved Guidelines by the Honorable Governor for better and clear execution of the duties and responsibilities of OPCs.

The orientation started with a short prayer and followed by an introduction by the Division Chief of Provincial Internal Audit Office (PIAO) Management Division Mr. Arvin Bagaporo to talk over the need and importance of having an OPC in each department/office and its objective and benefit for the province. Then, Ms. Ma. Faye S. Lascano, PIAO-Internal Auditor, proceeded with the discussion of the step-by-step procedures for every property movements, to wit:

  • Receipt of newly-issued property/equipment from the PGSO.
  • Transfer/borrow and return of property, monitoring of borrrowed property
  • Repair/reconditioning/overhaul/restoration/rehabilitation and replacement (in whole or in part)
  • In case of loss of property
  • Conduct of physical inventory count

Moreover, the event also served as an avenue for the participants to raise queries, concerns and clarifications after every discussion of above topics which were entertained and addressed by Mr. Ian S. Capistrano, PIAO-Internal Auditor.

Ended successfully, participants, PGSO and PIAO concluded in conformity to the newly-approved Guidelines that said to be implemented immediately and settled the relevant concerns mentioned by the different offices in property/equipment management.

By: Ma. Faye S. Lascano