Discover, Explore and Conquer Camsur – CURRY FALLS

Curry (pronounced as “Koory”) is one of the barangays of Pili, Camarines Sur. Its geographical coordinates are 13˚ 36’ 0” North, 123˚ 18’ 0” East. From the capitol town Pili, Camarines Sur Brgy. Curry is a 30-minute car ride. This is the jump-off point for several pristine waterfalls hidden inside the Mt. Isarog National Park. Simply take the road alongside 7/11 store in downtown Pili. If you don’t have a car or travelling alone there are motorcycles for hire (habal-habal) that you can rent at an affordable price. It is best to start your journey early morning so, you can visit all eight falls and have sufficient time to enjoy each falls. At the foot of the mountain before the road becomes steep there is a small clearing where you can park your car. We tried to go further but the soil was soft and our car got trapped. We had to go back at the foot of the mountain and parked there. Then, a five-minute walk will lead you to a pit stop where you will need to register. There are couple of huts at the bank of a small stream and decent comfort rooms in the area.

The trail is a bit slippery and wet because it rained couple of days before the trek. It is therefore best to plan your hike during the dry season or make sure that it did not rain several days before the trek. Once you entered Mt. Isarog you instantly feel the change in the atmosphere. The air becomes cool and damp although the sun is shining brightly. You will immediately be surrounded by dense foliage and canopy of trees which will serve as shade from the sun. However, you have to be watchful of leeches (locally known as “limatik”) so, bring leech repellant or better yet use protective clothing like rash guard and leggings. Words of caution: You will slip or slide more than once. The trail is basically vertical although there are roots and bamboos that you can grab for support. Be ready to put your upper and lower extremities to the test. Gravity will be your enemy going up and it does not help that the ground you are walking on is damp. There are jagged rocks that serve as your only foothold and most of the time the path allows only one person to pass through. It is best to use a sturdy footwear for you will surely met difficult path but believe me it is all worth it.

Brgy. Curry has promised eight incredible falls unfortunately, we started our trek almost noon so we only get to see three of them. The first waterfall is a perfect break from ones hot and tired body. The water was drizzling onto the rocks as it falls down. The water will help you cool your skin and relax your limbs. You can even jump from the rock beside the falls and into the water. This is a perfect break before taking on the mountain again. The next waterfall resembles a slide so we can aptly call it a “slide fall”. It is a bit higher than the first one but definitely more fun. As the water slide down the rocks it is as if you caressing the soft cheeks of a child. At the bottom is a bliss-pool clear water. The surrounding is spacious and quiet, perfect place to satisfy your rumbling tummy. The water is not that deep so it is fairly safe, just be mindful of slippery rocks. However, the water immediately surrounding the fall is very deep but clear enough that you can see the bottom. The trek up to the last waterfall took approximately forty-five minutes. It is an approximately 50-feet waterfall and you can only describe it as majestic. You can see the water surging and plunging down the mountain. The sound of the rushing waters falling makes you want to just sit there and do nothing. The thundering sound of the water as it hits the ground reflects the beating of your heart as you anticipate for something wonderful to happen. It is as if every sound quiets your mind and free your spirit. Beckoning you to let the worries flow and be not afraid until all it fills your mind is peace from the falling water.

So, take a break and experience these wonderful waterfalls that Brgy. Curry offers. The trail is challenging and a bit scary (especially if leeches are not your thing). But the reward at the end is amazing. After all according to an old adage “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”.

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By: Blessy Dante