Igniting Teamwork Towards a Common Vision

With this year’s theme “IGNITING TEAMWORK TOWARDS A COMMON VISION”, a team building activity aimed to develop camaraderie and unity among the members ta achieve an effective teamwork was conducted on June 17-18, 2017 at Haciendas De Naga, Naga City. Team building was the highlight of the activity as an effective tool in the attainment of organization goals and objective.

The event was facilitated by Ms. Sharmaine Beriña who introduced different activities which have exemplified the participants’ unity, camaraderie, cooperation, ingenuity and some manifested leadership potentials as they lead the group during the execution towards winning the events. The participants were divided into three groups. The Blue team emerged as victorious followed by Green team as the second placer and Red team as the third placer.
Through this, they were able to gain awareness on their behavior and performance within PIAO as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Each personnel expressed their views and realizations after every activity.

The team building activity inculcates a high level of team spirit in each PIAOan. With this activity PIAO staff become confidently ready to face and overcome any challenges that may come their way in all of Department’s programs, projects and activities this year and in the years to come.