PIAO: Year In Review

The year 2018 is already underway, and many people often hit the reset button looking forward in the year ahead, starting with a clean slate. However, the month of January was named after the Roman God Janus, a god of beginnings and endings. Janus has two faces which allowed him to look both backwards into the old year and forwards into the new one at the same time. So let’s look back to how we celebrated the year 2017.

The year 2017 has been difficult and successful in almost equal measures for the Provincial Internal Audit Office. A lot of things happened, challenging tasks pushing everyone to their limits, beating deadlines and producing credible reports to ensure positive impact in the Provincial Government, participated capacity building seminars and conventions to further improve competence as regards performance of audit and other related matters, organized team building activities to maintain and develop good employees’ inter relations and bridge gaps to resolve conflicts.

Winning the Search for “Government Offices with Innovations and/or Best Practices in Internal Auditing” was the real high. The Province making a mark in the national scale, recognizing the accomplishments of the Camarines Sur Provincial Internal Audit Office in the leadership of the ever enthusiastic and proactive Atty. Francis P. Magistrado.

There were additions in the family during the year imparting and introducing new ideas that helped and trained us in every way, and contributed in achieving the objectives of the office, however, in the same way, losing people was without doubt a low for us. Even so, we will always regard them as part of PIAO Family, “Once a PIAOan, Always a PIAOan”.

Undeniably, we’re all really proud of how we’ve all pulled together and the terrific results we have achieved.

Now, as the days of a new year unfolds, let us continue to work as diligently as the previous year as we unravel the marvelous possibilities of the future creating more memories and making our bond not just as colleagues but as a family stronger as we work hard and celebrate harder together .

PIAO: We Work Hard, We Party Harder

A worthy growth of an organization is when its employees work and celebrate equally. The way we work should reflect the way we party. And this was realized as we celebrated our annual Christmas Party held at St. Jude Orchard last 22 December 2017. Even though committees were assigned to each of the four divisions, it did not limit us to lend a helping hand and share what we can to assist our colleagues heightened by the unwavering support both financial and moral of our generous department head.

By: Zen & Xavier