Who are we? You probably never heard of us, but do not worry, you are not alone.

So, who are we exactly? Many people confuse us with the Auditors of the Commission on Audit (COA) or with the personnel of the Accountant’s Office, however, we are an entirely different species, so to speak.

The textbook definition of “Internal Auditors ” is provided here (in the footnotes), however, we need not bother you with that. In simple terms, Internal Auditors aim to provide reasonable assurance of good governance throughout the Provincial Government. Our findings on the appraisal of internal controls are provided to offices/departments concerned for them to institute corrective and preventive measures and achieve the agency objectives. The role of Internal Auditors is not about fault-finding. Neither it is investigative nor punitive. As one of the accountability mechanisms in public service organizations, Internal Auditors review the agency’s extent of compliance with laws and policies. Thus, in order to attain these, we are guided by the fundamental principles as indicated in the Code of Conduct for Internal Auditors which are Integrity, Objectivity, Professional Competency, Confidentiality and Independence.

However, we see ourselves as “someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had in a way you don’t understand” appropriately embodies what we are. The offices/departments concerned have problems they do not know that they have. It is, however, our duty to point out to them said problems and, in the process, help them solve such problems. In solving said problems, we introduce innovations and help said offices/departments to “think outside the box”, thus, we help them solve problems “in a way they do not understand”.

Here are some of the innovations that we have introduced since 2014:

We have assisted in the development of the Payroll System in the Provincial Government of Camarines Sur. The payroll system which previously took 11 to 14 days for its processing has become 7 to 8 days for the Human Resource Management Office (HRMO). The new system has provided significant impact not only to the HRMO in terms of payroll processing and payment of salaries but also in the prompt liquidation of the Treasury as the majority of personnel now claim salaries through ATM.

Another innovation initiated by us in partnership with the Provincial Treasurer’s Office (PTO) is the introduction of the Automated Treasury Management System (ATMS). We, through our experienced programmers developed a user-friendly application with a variety of customized features designed as a control mechanism to oversee the process in all usage of cash resources, such as payments, fund transfers including debt management.

Another one is the creation of an independent Project Monitoring Team (PMT). PMT aims to ensure that the purpose of every funded and implemented infrastructure project is achieved in accordance with the approved terms and conditions, and complies with applicable government rules and standards. PMT oversees the implementation of approved projects through onsite inspections to validate both technical and financial aspects of the projects, the progress of construction, quality and overall accomplishments.

And lastly, the establishment of the Cut-off remittances also called as ZERO-REMITTANCE POLICY, a four (4) day process that ensure all collections outside the PTO are timely remitted and is complete. It targets the collectors assigned in various collecting sites, to submit all accountabilities to us for inspection and examination of their collection.
The foregoing are some of the significant contributions that, we think, will best help the Provincial Government in terms of accomplishments, innovations and creative inputs to the public service. We will strive to remain steadfast, unrelenting, unwavering in achieving improvements in the Provincial Government; working tirelessly to achieve best results in order to achieve a better and, eventually, the best Camarines Sur. So this is PAIO Cam Sur, and this is who we are.

By: Nesson Habbakuk Vibares




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